The greatest film of all time… The Red Shoes (1948 – Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger)


asidesteps.com is all about movies (apart from when it is not).  I suppose I’m trying to work out whether I love them more than life or not.  My name is Tim, I live in Britain and work in education.

I’m currently serialising on this site:

A canon of favourite movies.  The first hundred entries are films that aren’t featured on the Sight & Sound top 250 films.  I’m calling them b-sides.  It publishes on Mondays.

A canon of my favourite prequels, sequels and remakes.  It publishes on Fridays.

On Wednesdays an extended piece of writing will be published.  This may include an entry in:

ahistory of 1990’s action movies under the title of ‘The Last Days’.  It’s about how Arnold Schwarzenegger became the penultimate movie star, how we all learned to love Keanu and how Nicolas Cage invented a whole new style of acting.  It publishes sporadically as they take a looong time to write, and this is a hobby.

A personal/critical history of Doctor Who called KKLAK! Lives which will eventually consist of 33 parts.  The first eleven are available on the site, and it will resume publication in April.

All writing and art is produced by me.  I work hard at it in my spare time.  Please don’t steal it.

Please bear with me whilst I figure all this out.

I can be contacted at asidesteps [at] gmail [dot] com, or on twitter @kklak_lives.  A tumblr of my art and other images is at: http://asidesteps.tumblr.com/

Instagram (by far and away my favourite social media) is @asidesteps.  Doctor Who art is @kklaklives

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