Stand alone bits of writing and various series…


Great American Directors

Career overviews looking at the best directors working in and around Hollywood:

Martin Scorsese

Woody Allen

Alex Ross Perry

Sofia Coppola


A New England

An A-Z on Ben Wheatley, Steve Oram and Alice Lowe



Not actually a director I like, but nevertheless, I’ve written about his ouvre.

1: The Sixth Sense

2: Unbreakable

3: Signs

4: The Village

5: The Lady in the Water

6: The Happening

7: The Last Airbender

8: After Earth (to be published on 17.04.17)

9: The Visit (to be published on 01.05.17)

0: Wide Awake (to be published on 24.04.17)


The Nic Cage Jukebox

A random film from Cage’s career, to figure out just how good he is.

1. Lord of War

2. Windtalkers

3. Pay the Ghost

4. Rumble Fish

5. The Runner


Upcoming series will be about The Fast and the Furious franchise and an examination of Sylvester Stallone’s career as a director.

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